The Expedition of Emanuel Mutu

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you our colleague from Skoda Ingricop, Emanuel Mutu, who is going to leave for Russia between 20th – 28th of June, where he will climb the Elbrus peak (5.642 m).

Below you may read the first interview with our colleague, where he speaks about him and his desire to reach Everest.


Emanuel Mutu




Russia, on the border between Europe and Asia, Elbrus Mountain (5.642 m).


8 days, 20th – 28th of June

How did you find your passion for this sport?

3 years ago I climbed a mountain peak for the first time, the Ineu Peak 2.279 m from Rodnei Mountains. I was deeply impressed by the satisfaction I felt when I reached the mountain peak, but also by the fact that you disconnect from your daily routine, from stress and other problems, and you refill your soul with peace and quiet. This is how I decided I wanted to take up this sport, which may seem absurd, useless and sometimes dangerous for some people. For me, climbing has become a passion: it relaxes me and makes me feel close to the Creator of this wonderful world we live in.

Why this expedition?

After practicing this sport for 3 years in the mountains in Romania, I have considered that I am ready to make the first step towards professional climbing, so I chose Mt. Elbrus 5.642 m, the highest peak in Europe.

What do you expect to get in return from this expedition?

To make me understand that climbing is fit for me; it is either the beginning or the end of my dream to climb on top of the world – Mount Everest.

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