MATEROM AUTO EXPERT – Nissan Târgu Mureș Partner

MATEROM AUTO EXPERT is one of the most important service providers in the auto field in the Mureș County, and one of the most important Nissan partners on nationwide.

The sale of new vehicles in made at the showroom in Târgu-Mureș, 2A Budiului Street, Mureș County. In the general context of the development of the internal market for new vehicles, MATEROM AUTO EXPERT made all the effort to cover a large area in order to deliver its services closer to its customers. These efforts and investments allow a more fluid selling process and service & product delivery by reducing the time and getting closer to the customers’ needs.

Service performance

The company’s repair shops are approved Renault Commercial Roumanie, such that the society performs the warranty and post-warranty repair for all the vehicle models in its portfolio.

The repairs performed in the service shops fully respect the process enforced by the manufacturers, so that the customers may benefit from the quality of the vehicle and the purpose for which the producers has built them, using specific repair technology, original parts, recommended by the manufacturers, as well as performant repair equipment and tools.


In the auto showroom one may find and test the newest Nissan models. Our team of consultants offers clients all the information they need in order to facilitate the selection of a Nissan model. We offer our clients the option to receive counseling through video call, to get a test-drive and to deliver the vehicle at home!


The Nissan service service is equipped with all the tools necessary for maintenance and repair in case of failure or accident, and we possess the latest technology, being able to fulfill your needs and your car’s needs, regardless of the situation.


All the qualities of our vehicles are maintained with the aid of the Nissan original parts, including quality, safety and reliability. Aftermarket auto parts, or parts for other brands are also available.


Every driver is different, and the Nissan design concept is based on this idea. Practical, sporty, stylish and protective, Nissan original accessories offer you the possibility to customize your vehicle according to your taste and lifestyle.


Tinware and paint shop using the latest equipment, delivering complete services and using consumables that have been approved by the brands in the portfolio. The specialist team remediates both major and minor damages, keeping a high quality standard.



Picture of Galit Ioan
Nissan Receptionist

Galit Ioan

Telefon: 0748-191.716

Picture of Barabasi Zoltan
Sales Consultant

Barabasi Zoltan

Telefon: 0748-191.714