Perseverence – the key to success


The Chinese bamboo takes 5 years to grow. Every day the earth must be watered and fertilized, even though the bamboo doesn’t give any clue that it will sprout until its 5th year. In the 5th year it will sprout and once it comes out of the ground, in 5 weeks it grows 27 meters tall.

The question is: does the bamboo grow 27 meters in 5 weeks or in 5 years? If you stop watering it at some point during the 5 years, and you stop caring for the land, will that bamboo seed ever sprout?

For how long have you been working for your dream, without any results? Will you stop because you don’t see the results right away? No! Great things are not achieved as fast as you may want. Faith and patience determine perseverance. You must keep on working on your dream. The harder the battle, the more pleasant the taste of victory, and what you become during the process is more important than achieving the dream itself.