Materom Customer Days 2019

In 2018 Romania celebrated 100 years of history, but 2018 was also Materom’s 20 years of activity anniversary.

We finished 2018 strongly and with the desire for a better, more prosperous 2019, a year when cooperation is top priority, a year when we build new relationships and foster the old ones.

This is the summary of the event which was long awaited by Materom’s suppliers and clients, as well as by the public hungry for the latest news in the auto industry. We had various honored guests. We were delighted to have Mr. Gael Escribe (Founder & CEO of Nexus Automotive International), Mr. Hakim Bouthera (General Manager of Renault Romania), Gabi Orban, Paula Seling, and many more. We want to believe that it was a 5 star event.

The feedback we received from everyone made us end the 5th edition in a happy mood and eager to prepare the event scheduled for spring 2020.