Protecting your privacy on our website is extremely important to us. Thus, we shall inform you further in detail regarding the collection of personal and non-personal data.

The usage right of personal and anonymous data is reserved to MATEROM SRL within the limits of the law, except for the rights of the designated persons described further.

This web page uses software for usage statistics. By analyzing this data we may obtain useful information related to the users’ needs. This information contributes to improving the quality of the offer, more specific, each visit stores the following data set, without any restrictions:

  • The anonymous version of the IP address of the computer executing the request
  • The date and hour of the query, and of the request, respectively
  • The name of the queried page or file
  • Reference of the page from where this page was being queried from
  • The user’s browser, including the browser version
  • The user’s operating system

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small text file which stores the internet settings. Almost every web page uses this technology. It is downloaded by your browser when first accessing a web page. On the next web page access using the same device, the Cookies and saved information are either sent back to the web page which has created them (First Party Cookie) or to another web page whom they belong to (Third Party Cookie). Thus, the web page acknowledges the fact that you have accessed the page before using this browser and in some cases varies the displayed content.

Some Cookie files are very useful since they can improve the user’s experience in the case of re-accessing that specific web page. Under the condition that you use the same terminal and the same browser as before, the Cookie files remember, for example, your preferences, they communicate the way you are using a page and adapts the displayed offers to your personal needs and interests. Further more, we use Cookies that stay on your hard disk even after ending the session. This mainly seeks the improvement of the user’s experience in case of a new web page access, through the consequent adaptation of the web page to your personal needs, thus optimizing the load time.

The Cookies settings on this web page

Cookies that do not require your consent

The strictly necessary Cookie files, enable functions without which you cannot use this web page correctly. These Cookie files are used exclusively by us and are the so called First Party Cookies. These are stored only for the current browser session, on your computer. The strictly necessary Cookie files: For the connection function we have a “Session-Cookie”. Without this Cookie, the connection is not possible and the functions behind the connection cannot work.

Further more, such Cookie files enable, for example, changing the page from http to https, the functioning of the page and respecting the security requirements regarding the data transfer. For the usage of the strictly necessary Cookie files your approval is not requested.

What cookie files do we use?

Social Plugins uses and the so called Social Plugins (further referred to as buttons_ of social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.


On our web page we use social plug-ins from Facebook. For this purpose use the Like button. This is about an offer of the American company Facebook Inc. (1601S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA). If you visit one of our web pages that contains such a plug-in, this fact dose not create a connection to this company. This happens only if you explicitly express your approval, which is requested when you click a corresponding button.

For information regarding the purpose and the volume of data collection and the consequent use of data by Facebook, as well as regarding your rights on this topic and the possibilities to adjust the settings to protect your privacy, please consult the information regarding data protection by Facebook:

If you do not wish Facebook to associate the data collected during the access of our web page, to your Facebook account, you must disconnect from Facebook when accessing our web page. You can completely prevent loading of the Facebook plug-ins by using Add-Ons for your browser, such as “Facebook Blocker”.


On our web pages we use social plug-ins from YouTube. For this purpose, we use videos embedded in the code of the web page. This is an offer from the American company Google Inc.

For information related to the purpose and volume of data collection, and the further processing and use of data by YouTube, as well as related to your rights on this matter and the possibilities to configure the settings for the protection of your privacy, please consult the information related to data protection from Google:

The table below describes each cookie used on the website, including its purpose. We shall not use these cookies in other ways than those mentioned in the current Cookie Policy.


Cookie name/type Lifetime Purpose
Pll_language persistent This cookie is used to store language settings.
APISID, NID, SID, 1P_JAR active until the end of the browser session These cookies are used by Google to display custom ads on Google websites, based on recent searches and previous interactions.
APISID 2 years This cookie works by the unique identification of the device’s browser.
CONSENT 1 month Used for the date and hour of the visit on the web.
_GRECAPTCHA 1 year Or reCAPTCHA v3 returns a score for each user request. The score is based on the interactions with your site and enables you to take appropriate action for your site.
PHPSESSID 1 session PHPSESSID is a session cookie generated automatically by the server which contains a long random number given by the server itself.

The settings of your cookie files

You can set your browser so that the Cookie files will be created only with your approval, or to be generally denied. Please keep in mind though that without Cookie files, some areas of the web page cannot be used or have limited use. You have the possibility to control the use of the “Cookies” and to deny it, if you configure your browser as follows:

Internet Explorer

Please consult

  • In Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, then select Internet Options.
  • Select the Privacy tab and, under Settings, select Advances and choose if you want to accept, to block or to be notified related to the main cookie modules and regarding third party cookie modules.

Mozilla Firefox

Please consult

  • Step 1. Section “Tools -> Options”, in the lower part select “Privacy and security”
  • Step 2 Check Standard on Custom and at Cookes you may check and uncheck other settings.

Google Chrome

Please consult

  • Step 1 Menu – Settings – Privacy and security – in the secion “Website settings”
  • Step 2 in the section Permissions “Cookies and website data” check the desired options – confirm


Please consult

  • Step 1 Choose Safari > Preferences, click on Privacy
  • Step 2 Select “Prevent multiple website tracking”

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