Bankruptcy, Survival or Excellence

In October, the first training dedicated to NexusAuto services in Romania took place, on the subject of “The management of an auto service shop”.

Nexus partners from all over the country came to Targu Mures, where we spent two intense days, filled with relevant and important information for any company in the automotive industry. We didn’t learn how to survive on the market, but how to excel in the field, which has become more difficult in nowadays Romania.

We have debated the business environment in Romania and in the auto industry, and we discussed about some efficient instruments that can be used to run a successful business: the business plan and the service activity flux. In order to put them into practice we must understand how we should organize our staff and then evaluate them.

At this events we also aim to build the relationships of a community that comprises of company activating in the same business field, which don’t see each other as competitors, but are open to share their experience, the problems and situations they deal with in their daily activity. Companies with over 20 years of experience in the auto industry are part of the Nexus Auto concept, but also young companies, just a few months old, eager to learn. Even though our guests were awaited to get back home, and the issues of running their service were not completely solved during the 2 days, they wanted to stay and interact, they were not in a jury to leave.

We can’t wait for the next training, where we will approach technical themes, relevant for the auto services. Of course, we will not forget about the other subjects: human resources, marketing and financial management.