Valeo clutches – video webinars

All Valeo clutches are built respecting the highest of Valeo’s quality standard, which make Valeo products efficient and reliable, for the full satisfaction of their customers.

Valeo’s research and development expertise enables the reduction of noise and vibrations produced by the clutch, for a higher level of comfort for the driver, due to easier gear change, which offers the drivers a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

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Valeo launches the Dual Dry Clutch on the spare parts market

The new O.E technology for the Valeo transmission systems is a warranty for exceptional feedback time and comfortable use.

Valeo launches the dual dry clutch on the spare parts market which offers a unique driving experience and a reduction of CO2 emissions. This solution allows for a faster gear change, smooth and strong acceleration, with minimum noise and vibrations.

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High quality oil filters are worth their cost!

Mann Filter CD19

Satisfied customers remain loyal to their service or distributor. The specialist know this, and this is why they will rely on quality when replacing the oil filter. The typical replacement interval for an oil filter is once every 30.000 km, or once a year. There are, however, many quality standards and various executions of the compact oil filters, with metal casing and screw-mounting. These “black boxes” are quite similar if you look at them from the outside. Read more “High quality oil filters are worth their cost!”